Cooking Polenta Cakes

Cooking Italian – Three Cuisines for A Real Italy Trip

We all know that Italy is the home of delectable cuisines which are well-known around the globe. Pasta and pizza are both favorites anywhere in the world and anytime of the year. These famous Italian meals are merely but a taste of a more tempting variety of Italian food. An Italy trip is made remarkable when you indulge into these fantastic treat. There are several cuisine to like in Italy. Together with its assorted culture can be

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Cooking Ranges Gas

Selecting the Right Ranges — Gas, Electric or Induction?

When selecting a range, there are many factors to consider. Unless you are remodeling, the size of your new range may be dictated by the location and size of the range you are replacing.

If switching from electric to gas, you will need a gas line and a 120-volt outlet. If switching from gas to electric, you will need a dedicated 240-volt outlet. Dual fuel units will need a gas line and a dedicated 240-volt

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Cooking Quinoa

Cooking – How to Cook with Whole Grains

If you’re looking to eat healthier, a great way to start is to replace refined grains in your diet with some tasty whole grains to eat. The best whole grains, such as brown rice, whole wheat flour, quinoa and barley, contains tons more fiber and nutrients that the typical refined grains that most of us are used to cooking and eating. But cooking with whole grains can be daunting for the inexperienced. Fear not! Here is your go-to guide

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Cast Iron Cookware Recipes

Cast Iron Cookware Recipes

Cast iron skillets are ideal for everyday meals and can be used for a wide variety of dishes. Everything from simple roasted vegetables baked goodies, cast iron cookware can do them all. You also have a lot of health benefits to this because of its features and brings a lot of iron in your food and sauces – as much as twenty times more iron! Moreover, another advantage to cooking with cast iron is that it produces good quality food.

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Cooking Oatmeal

Tales of Feather Bed and Oatmeal Bread

One of my fondest childhood memories is of Grandma’s enormous feather bed. As a child, my brother and I used to play on its lumpy mattress, and since I was too small to climb up on my own, my brother would get down on all fours and let me climb up his strong back to the towering bed. The bed seemed to eat you up. I would lie on my back on the puffy white comforter that smelled of violets, rose petals, and duck fluff. There were

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Cooking Oyster Mushrooms

Chestnut Mushrooms Risotto

Most types of edible mushrooms are suitable for this recipe. I prefer to keep it simple and use brown chestnut mushrooms. You can jazz this dish up with a touch of luxury by using a selection of wild mushrooms including Ceps, Chanterelles and Oyster mushrooms for this recipe if you prefer. This meal can be cooked in a money saving way, just switch gas and electricity suppliers to get the best deal.

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Cooking Apples Varieties

Cooking With Wine And Spirits

For many people the very thought of cooking with wine is off-putting, another trouble, too difficult, the creation of new flavours to which the family are not accustomed. The latter alone is true, but the new flavours are most interesting and enjoyable. They are not difficult to create. Very little wine is needed and often the last few drops in a bottle can be used most successfully.

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